Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review – Best Buyer Guide 2021


cuisinart slow cooker review

Slow cookers are a lifesaver. If you have been using one yourself for some time now then we are sure you must agree. Using a slow cooker gives you the liberty to conquer a number of tasks while your meal just simply prepares itself for you.


If you have just now heard that slow cookers are a thing and want to try one out for yourself then the one we recommend is the Cuisinart Slow Cooker that comes with terrific reviews and incredible features on a whole.

Slow cookers are available with a wide range of features and come in different price ranges. It depends on your and your requirements, your budget for that matter that which slow cooker falls under your radar for being the best and most convenient.

Before we jump into all the details of the Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review, here are a few things that we would like you to consider before you buy any slow cooker for that matter

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker

  • Heating method

Most slow cookers that you see on the market come with a base that encloses a removable insert. The heating element is most of the time at the bottom but in some cases, slow cookers come with a dynamic heating method that goes all the way to the top.

It depends on what you’re cooking and the kind of heating element you require. For steaming, you won’t have to stir the food often with an even heating base but if you’re making something else then you will have to stay on your toes while cooking.

  • Crock construction

Porcelain and ceramic crocks are the most affordable and readily available crock options in the market. You will also find metal crock pots that are a good option to and retain heat well.

So it is mostly about what you prefer but the most important thing about crocks is that should be removed easily for hygienic purposes.

  • Lid quality

Using a slow cooker or any cooker or pot for that matter requires maximum heat to be retained inside. If you keep opening the lid up to see the progress of your food then it’s going to take way longer to prepare a single meal than you may have imagined.

Opt for a slow cooker that comes with a tempered glass lid. This way you will know exactly how your meal is progressing without having to open it again and again.

  • Size

The size of the slow cooker depends on how much food you’re going to make using it regularly. If you’re just looking for a cooker to keep your dips warm while you prepare rest of the food then any small cooker would work fine.

However, if you plan on preparing meals in your cooker for your entire family then you may want to sign up with a cooker with greater capacity.

Most slow cooker recipes fall under the average-sized cooker capacity which is 6Qt.  This is a starter size that we recommend for all our users.

  • Timer

Trust us when we say that you’re going to love a timer on your slow cooker. Whether it comes in a digital format or there is a choice between different preset programs.

Having a slow cooker with a timer means you won’t always have to worry about turning it off if you aren’t at home. Just adjust the time-frame according to the recipe that you’re preparing and let your slow cooker do the work.

Your meal will be prepared without even you having to move a muscle.

Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review – Cuisinart PSC-650 Stainless Steel

The Cuisinart 3 ½ Quart Programmable Slow Cooker is an exclusively designed cooker for small families or single persons to cook food with maximum convenience. It comes as one of the most popular slow cookers in the market.

Though it isn’t portable but it is designed exclusively for home usage so if you happen to be someone who has wanted to expand the horizons of his/her kitchen appliances then you should totally check it out.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this slow cooker in the Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review!

Basic features

The Cuisinart 3 ½ Quart Slow Cooker is a programmable slow cooker that comes loaded with different features. For starters, it has an LED timer display with front touch panel so that you can conveniently operate it with a single touch.

Just like most of the other slow cookers in the market, it doesn’t come with a clock and only has a countdown timer that you can set anywhere between 0 to 24 hours. The cooker itself features four different settings such as simmer, warm, low and high.

Once the cooker is finished cooking, it will automatically divert itself to the warm mode so that your food remains fresh and hot as soon as you arrive home and are ready to eat.

However, you can keep your food warm up to 8-hours because after that, the cooker will automatically shut itself down after beeping for five times.


The Cuisinart 3 ½ Quart Programmable Slow Cooker is very easy to use. This is by far one of its most prominent selling points and why individuals prefer going for this cooker.

All you have to do is plug the cooker in, turn it on, pour in your ingredients and choose from the preset modes to prepare your food. The cooker will do the rest of the work while you can be on your merry way to complete rest of the pending chores.

Once you’re done cooking, we suggest that you leave the cooker still for some time until it cools down before you wash it off.

The lid and the crock pot, both can be washed conveniently with soap and warm water however for added convenience, Cuisinart did mention that it is dishwasher safe so you can further ease down your pain by letting the washer clean it out.

Excellent size

We know how difficult it is to come across a slow cooker that has a decent enough size for an individual or a small family. The Cuisinart 3 ½ Quart Programmable Slow Cooker fulfills that requirement and has a reasonable size for a small cooker.

It will work perfectly fine for average cooking capacity. You can try out different recipes in this appliance and keep exploring all your culinary skills.

Construction quality

The design and construction quality of Cuisinart Slow Cooker is pretty lightweight. It doesn’t weigh too much which may make it difficult for you to handle the whole cooking process.

The internal pot of the cooker is made out of stainless steel which is highly durable and ensures healthier eating habits.

You don’t have to worry about mixing toxins and other unhealthy elements with your food by cooking in this slow cooker because it is BPA free and has been rigorously tested to fall under all the rules set by the government of the USA.


Another thing that is worth mentioning about Cuisinart 3 ½ Quart Programmable Slow Cooker is its money-back guarantee. If anytime, with 30-days of the purchase you feel the cooker isn’t really resonating with you, you can always get it returned for a full refund.

The warranty claim lasts for two years which is quite sufficient given the affordable price point.

  • Perfect for making beef stew
  • Insert is very versatile
  • Simmer settings
  • Adjustable timer
  • Shifts automatically to keep warm settings once the food has been cooked
  • Lightweight design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Poor customer service


So, this was all regarding the Cuisinart Slow Cooker Review. We did our best in researching this model and added everything that we found in here.

The Cuisinart Slow Cooker is definitely one of the best slow cookers in the market. With such incredible features, amazing construction quality and so many cooking modes to explore from, the slow cooker offers you everything that you can possibly need.

It comes in a very reasonable size for single person cooking and offers great functionality given the price point. If you love cooking and want to explore the world of slow pressure cookers then we have to say, Cuisinart has got you covered.

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