How To Cook Pig Feet In Pressure Cooker? 6 Best Steps for 2021

how to cook pig feet in pressure cooker

Anything that can help us function more effectively in our busy world is definitely a benefit, and a pressure cooker is perfect for this.With both adults in most households working, it can often be challenging to prepare a home-cooked meal for the family – it’s often easier to call for pizza or stick a TV dinner in the microwave.

However, a steady diet of this type of dinner will often lead to nutritional deficiencies or too much fatty food.  Fortunately, pressure cooker allow anyone to make a delicious and healthy dinner in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

How to cook pig feet in pressure cooker is most commonly asked by cooking enthusiasts. Below is a detailed guideline in this regard.

 How To Cook Pig Feet In A Pressure Cooker? Steps To Follow

Here is a step by step guide of how to cook pig feet in pressure cooker:

  1. First of all, remove all kinds of hair from the feet’ surface and skin.
  2. Next, you’ll need to make cubes of the meat with the help of any sharp knife.
  3. Season it and place it in the pressure cooker with the peeled and whole onions, rosemary, and broth.
  4. Close the pot and pressurize it at high heat. As soon as the valve begins to ring, reduce the heat to the minimum and cook for around 30 minutes.
  5. Turn off heat, allow steam to escape and open pot. If there is too much liquid, allow evaporating at medium heat and with the pot uncovered.
  6. Serve it along with onion sauce.

Option: Sauté the garlic clove in the pot with two tablespoons of oil. Remove garlic and add loin, tied and floured. Brown the meat evenly, adds 200 ml of milk close the pot, and allows for 30 minutes from the ringing.

It will make the pig feet even more delicious.

How To Use A Pressure Cooker For Pig Feet?

While discussing how to cook pig feet in pressure cooker, it is essential to master the cooker use.  It is easy to prepare a complete meal, if so desired, in a pressure cooker.  The preferred food and the proper amount of water are placed into the range.

  • The lid is put on and then be sealed to the bottom section of the appliance – usually by twisting it to engage locking flanges, or sometimes by engaging toggles or arms, depending on the manufacturer.
  • The cooker is then put on the heat source, which will be turned to high. As the contents of the cooker heat and steam are produced, the pressure and temperature will climb.
  • When the proper pressure is reached, the heat is lowered to maintain it.
  • Some cookers will vent steam automatically, but others will have a safety valve that will have to be placed on the cooker, usually, once the correct pressure has been achieved.
  • Because steam expands so much inside the pressure cooker, you should remember never to overfill the pot.
  • Most pressure cookers should never be filled more than two thirds, and half-filled is even better.
  • Never put too much liquid into the cooker, either, as too much steam will be produced. Make sure to clean your cooker entirely after each use, especially the lid.

Depending upon the cooker’s food, dinner or any other meal will usually be done in fifteen to twenty minutes.  When the food is ready, you can cool the pot beneath the faucet or use the quick release method and then open the cooker.

Modern pots will not allow the top to be removed until the steam has been safely vented.

Why Use A Pressure Cooker For Pig Feet?

It is so easy to cook with a pressure cooker as there is increased pressure in the pot not only raises the temperature to nearly 250 F but also forces the steam produced right into the food.  This not only cooks it quickly but also tenderizes it as well.

There will be no more struggling with cutting through a roast that has the consistency of rubber, and you will also not have to worry about food being undercooked; your pressure cooker will assure you that the internal temperature of any kind of meat will be high enough to make the food safe. 

Steam And Pressure

While discussing how to cook pig feet in pressure cooker, you need to understand the amount of steam and pressure build-up. Pressure cookers will cook food in only about one-third of the time required because of the high pressure and temperature inside the pot.

An ordinary pot can only raise the food’s temperature inside it to 212 F, regardless of how much heat you apply.

The steam produced by the cooking process escapes from the pot, even one with a cover, and this is why the temperature of the contents cannot go above the boiling point.  A pressure cooker, however, creates a sealed environment that prevents the steam from leaving.

Steam has a greater volume than water, and when it is trapped and unable to escape, it will create a higher pressure, up to 15 pounds per square inch.  It is this increased pressure that raises the temperature inside the pressure cooker as high as 250 F.


Easy process And Delicious Meal

Probably the easiest way to prepare a nutritious dinner for your family is by using a cooker. You need not forego pig feet when pressure cooking.

You will have to brown the feet in the cooker before starting the actual cooking, but once that is done, you will only have to add liquid, seal the pot, and in about 25 minutes, you will have a delicious pig foot where the meat is literally falling off the bone.


Summing Up

You can make both easy and more complicated recipes in your pressure cooker; it’s all up to you, and how much time you have.  We hope that your query of how to cook pig feet in the pressure cooker has solved and you can enjoy delicious meals.

Also, pressure cooking allows you to provide regular meals in a fraction of the time – it is probably the most comfortable and most efficient cooking method

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